Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Jackson!!!!!!!

Okay, I guess you can say that Mike has finally died down in the Media, sort of. I'm really not feeling the movie thing. The taping of over 100 hrs of rehearsals confirms to me that all this was a plan to kill him. You notice how they haven't mentioned anything else about the "Doctor". Last thing was that his death was confirmed as a homicide!!! So what next? a movie? you've gotta be kidding me. We aren't dumb. As a die hard fan I want justice to be served although far fetched, something needs to be done to someone.

America The "Beautiful"?

You know I find it quite entertaining how America can send FEMA to aid other countries when natural disasters, but Hurricane Katrina was neglected, The Homeless in America are neglected, The Urban Neighborhoods continue to be neglected. Get the picture folks. In the words of MJJ, "All I really want to say is they don't really care about US".

Monday, September 28, 2009

Redefining Gospel

I'm thinking about starting a new blog that showcases artist who actually have something unique to contribute to the business. I'm tired hearing the same crap. oops did I saw crap. Oh well. God the creator wasn't cliche when he made us, so people need to create something different.

My Heart Is Sad

Okay folks whenever we loose music legends I feel an extreme connection and sorrow for some reason. One of the greatest vocal arrangers died last year and I didn't even know. Mr. Eugene Thomas Puerling. My heart was captivated by his arrangement back in 2003 when I was Introduced to The Singers Unlimited. A group he formed in 1971. They are really dope so I have to dedicated this post to them. R.I.P. Gene Puerling.

Gene Puerling arrangement of "Killing Me Softly"

Gene Puerling arrangement of "Michelle"

OMG!!!! Gene Puerling arrangement of "When I Fall in Love"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My thoughts on Today

After being the music director at Praize NightI still come home a little unfulfilled. It want to aleays be available to help my friends but I felt so very disconnected from the whole night. I know exactly where Gods wants me to be. I guess someday I'll listen to God, I'm sure it will be fulfilling...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In The Studio

Just thought I'd share my studio adventures for the next few months 2am right now just finish 2 records, I need Jairus and Ish to throw some bridge chords on the tracks and they'll be done. I've been thoroughly prepared for opportunity thanks to Kc Knight's tracks. We've got an incredible vibe on this music. Look for a newly formed production team coming soon. Uh...what else?
Bout to work on one more Rock-pop record before I go lay it down.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Faith Without Works is Dead

I have been guilty of not putting feet to my faith. This week will be different. Pastor Kevin Stafford has been preaching on Faith. This is a message we should never get tired of. Its like I know faith without works is dead so what right do I have to sit around and say I have faith when its really action. Lets get to the action of faith y'all. God Loves and I'm going to sleep.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today was a day of realization for me. Since my victorious bout with gun violence and Michael Jackson's passing, I've been doing tons of research on everything from homicide, secret societies, mind control, and conspiracy theories. I've come to the point were I can't take any of the crap anymore. I live in a neighborhood with 75% Latino people, 5% crackheads 15% ghetto blacks, and 5% people like me. These numbers are a little bit exaggerated of course. Anyway I live across the street from a middle school and I've noticed the amount of Latino and Asian business that get all our children's money. I don't have anything against these nationalities but I'm tired of the government giving out passes to everyone and making America pay for it. This is not only an African American issue its an American Issue. But right now I'll focus on the African American issue. I refuse to sit back and be under resourced. I have a Billion dollar empire that can't get off the ground because of the lack of resource. RESOURCE IS MONEY FOLKS!! I know where to get it. There are conventions like CEO Space that cost $7500 to attend. I have intellectual properties that need to be insured up to the value of what I stand to loss if someone steals my idea. I have corporate structure to set up which my cost anywhere from $1000-$5000.
I have a nonprofit organization that needs to be set up. I need to hire a staff of 10-12 people just get it going.....These companies I own will employ up to 200 people in 5yrs.
Foreigners come to America with seed money from there county's and get years of tax breaks when they start their businesses. Who pays for it? The latino catering/ice cream business is booming in the inner city. They have taco trucks everywhere open at all hours of the night and believe me they're racking in the big bucks. I love Latino people's drive they have amazing work ethic. Ice Creams trucks are rotating through the inner city blocks every hour on the hour.
I'm sayin all that to say that I'm going to get every resource available for me. I would urge all you who read this go get everything God has for you. There is so much we need to do for the kingdom of God. Lets go people.