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Hey folks. This weekend Cleen Clothing will be vending at the Silver Like Arts & Craft along side Raghouse International. Be there or be dirty???

Micheltorena Elementary School
1511 Micheltorena Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026
For info, please call 323 953 0623

Christians need to be Careful who they glorify

I received an email of a blog post today by Min. G. Craig Lewis that was interesting. Check it out and leave a comment hear on my blog. He was speaking about President Obama passing some gay pride month bill. Then he begins pointing fingers at the church for voting for him. please read my email response below:

This is an interesting topic. The reality is it comes as no surprise
to those who know your word. We have been living in the end times for
centuries. California has celebrated the homosexual lifestyle as long
as I can remember. Gay parades, choirs, and west hollywood.
Unfortunately Craig is right Obama's "Christianity" is not devout at
all. Its more of a practice not a relationship. But the truth is
nothing would have changed him winning the election. So its no need to
point at the church and say "YOU" voting for him. America voted for
him not just the church.

The most alarming thing about this blog post was the staggering
statistics regarding African Americans. This proves that there is a
huge absence of Christian advocates in our African American
communities. Mr Lewis says that we can't do anything about the passing
of gay pride month (not true), but we can do something about those
statistics that plague us. If our church leaders won't change their
inside the 4 walls agenda then Christian Communities need to rise up
and reclaim our people for Christ. We have a long way to go people. A
Black president didn't really change the black problem in America nor
did it change the problems in Christian churches.

I would urge people to stop looking at Capital Hill and look around
you. Christ is needed right were you live, work, and socialize. I
don't condone any of the gay stuff but come on Craig choose your
battles wisely.

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I had to share this with people who are as amazed as I am with piano playing fools.
Hey Folks, I'm hosting a Cleen Clothes sale tonight from 6pm-9pm at the Studio. Come Cleen up your Wardrobe. 201 E. 112th L.A. CA 90061. Special Offers!

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Black In America prt 2: My life a young Black Kid
I really enjoyed the special on CNN last night with Soledad O'brien. Watching it inspired my mind to travel through my past, revisiting the highlights of my life's journey. Growing up without my mother but with my father who adored her absent soul. She died a week before my twin sister and I turned 2 years old in a car accident were she was burned to death. My father always talked about her in a very respectful and loving way, reciting to us that "there is nobody like your mother". The absence of my mother caused a few minor problems with lashing out and fighting other kids who would innocently poke fun at me with "yo mama" jokes. I would jump down their throat so fast. I got suspended a lot in elementary for that. The fighting phased out as I entered Middle School.

Educational Journey
My father was the greatest man ever though not a perfect man, but a perfect father. He noticed my sister and I were very smart and had a us tested for "Highly Gifted" Magnet programs. We went on to the higher learning institutions in LA, My sister attended L.A.C.E.S. directly after our magnet program at Ambler Elementary school. I attended Dodson Jr High a Highly Gifted Magnet in San Pedro CA. I was bused out of the hood into a predominately white neighborhood. The diverse experience and an amazing curriculum shaped my reality. Education I can say was my first "Black in America" moment.

My Musical Journey
I joined the Middle School band in which started my journey as a musician. Band was my favorite class and I played the sax. The teacher Mr. Mitchell was a riot. We'd clown him, he'd clown us back. He didn't play when it came to conducting though. We were an all city performance band. We played and competed against High School bands as well. I could remember having the opportunity to play with San Pedro High School's performing band. They were the #1 band in the city. We played "Bird Land" and "Phantom of the Opera" and I felt so accomplished. That was another "Black in American" moment that changed my perspective.

Becoming a Singer
My father was a church musician so he'd drag us along to everything at church and we loved it.
I can remember riding in the car listening to John P. Kee on the way to church. My father heard me singing along and told me "hey you great a good singing voice". It felt so good as an 8yr old hearing that from your father. So they had me leading one of John's anthem "Jesus is Real". That was my first solo in the youth choir at church. lol!
So now that I knew I could sang I would serenade every girl that walked by in school. "Ribbon in the Sky", Forever My Lady, All I do is Think of You", and "Good bye Love" were my usual numbers I would riff to the ladies. LOL!!

Finding My Father Dead

Essentially my journey into music was a given. I had an audition at Hamilton High Music Academy. I nailed on Sax.That was the last year LAUSD went to 9Th grade Middle school. I only played sax for my 10Th grade year then switched to piano an voice. My High School Journey was very hard. No more than 2 weeks into the school year my world changed when I found my father dead in his room. My Sister and I were 14yrs old and life's was journey was uncertain. I can remember the morning ever so vividly, from the paramedics to family and neighbors rushing over in minutes to assist us. After crying my eyes out in the midst of tearing my room apart I stop suddenly at a voice inside saying "Your a man now". I proudly stood tall that day. That was another "Black in America Moment" for me.
My father was 56yrs young when he died. He always had an "Old School" approach to parenting which we didn't get it completely until he died. He used always talk about not be caught up in the system, using your talents wisely, stop playing so much, and read a book. I can still here that ringing in my mind. He used to tell us that when we graduated he would be going home to the country side, we thought he was talking about Tennessee were most of our family lived. We knew later that he knew he would not be with us on earth much longer.

Hamilton High Gospel Choir
The death of my father was hard but I was strong for my sister. We went and lived with my older sister in a one bed room apartment in Hollywood. I want to commend her because I just realized a few months ago that she was only 26yrs old when all this happened. We had a great time living with her for the most part. I auditioned for the Hamilton High Gospel choir with another heart felt John P. Kee song, "Standing in The Need of Prayer". I love that song. The choir was one of the key cultivating experiences in my teenage years. Our director Fred Martin was big on professionalism and vocal training. The choir was therapy for a lot of us who experienced tragedy or just the normal things teens go through. The choir at times would be the only thing that brought me to school. We performed at the house of blues Gospel Brunch were I would share my testimony and sing my heart out to a tear filled audience. We sang behind many other recording and recorded with Jackson Brown, Steven Segal, and performed at a long list of events. This was another "Black in America" moment in my life.

Career in Music
I started playing the organ at church at 15yrs. I didn't know what the heck I was doing. The church we were attending assumed I had the skill because my father played. I guess they saw more in me than I saw in myself. In a period of one year God took my gift to another level. I was playing that organ like a 5yr vet. It was meant to be. Playing for church molded my ability to create because church was on the job training. I had to have the ability to follow singers and play throughout the service. Since is wasn't formally trained I formed my own style of playing traditional songs. Me and a group of my peers age 15-16yrs old would get together and exchange chord progression. We learned from each other.
I was introduced to music production by my uncle Greg Perry who is an accomplished producer. He invited me to play on some of his tracks. I enjoyed the feeling. After graduating High School I bought a small keyboard and a MPC 60 from my uncle. It was history after that. I knew that music composition was one of my gifts. I was introduced to Mark Gordon for Levert by a manager I was working with at the time Page Turner. Mark helped me perfect the art of track making. Working with him I got my placement on IMX formally known as Immature. I went on to meet Emmanuel Officer, an amazing spirit filled songwriter. He helped me understand the art of songwriting and the ups and downs of the business. I was fortunate enough to work with him on 2 KCI & JOJO projects. I started my independent label Mind Over Music Entertainment in 2001. I was only 21yrs old with a lot of ambition. We produced a compilation CD called "Press Play" way before Diddy. After a lot of adjustments and a Music Industry coarse at UCLA Extension the company was restructured.

Purpose Redefined
I am one of the most sought producers in the market of independent Artist trying to get recording deals. When it comes to artistry I have the ability to see a person's defining characteristics and usually create music based around their unique ability. When Record labels would hear demos of Artist that I've worked with, my music would always stand out. I felt that I would be the next big thing. Over time I became very disappointed with the politics that was involved in our industry. Producers wanting to sign me to them or people trying use my age for ignorance and the horror stories revolving around publishing deals and artist contracts. This is part of the reason I started my own label to ensure that one else would determine if I got a pay check or not.

I prayed and ask God to order my steps in the music business to where he'd get the glory for everything. Finally I feel I have reached that place. Its never the way you perceive things would go. I thought for sure God would open the door for me to have Usher's next big single or Beyonce's next hit. It would take me being shot at 12 times and making it out without a scratch to know exactly how God would get the glory out of my music career.

Voices Against Gun Violence
On the night of Saturday June 20, 2009 my God brother and I were targets in a drive by shooting. Neither one of us were hit but the aftermath was truly a praise worthy reality. 1 shattered car window, 3 bullet whole is my God brothers Crystler 300, 7-9 shell casings in the street, 3 bullet holes in the garage where we were standing before taking cover. That night I was thankful to be in my bed verses a hospital or a coroners office tray table.
My purpose was never to be a statistic. I knew I was here to make a difference artistsicly and socially. I knew that God literally saved me to save someone else.

In the weeks prior to being shot at my sympathy for the victums of gun violence was churning in my heart. Dannie Farber Jr. a young senior/football star at Narbourne High School was killed in Compton California on May 25, 2009. He had a scholarship to play football for Harbor College. I played for this funeral service. I looked out over the sea of young people and my passion begin to grow. Six days following Dannie's unfortunate demise Crystal Crawford, a 24-year-old black woman, was shot in the head at 95th Street and 8th Avenue in Inglewood on May 31. She died in the hospital at 10:47 a.m. on Monday, June 1. She was a preschool teacher in the El Segundo School district. Crystal was best friends with my assistant that works with my company this was to close for comfort. Then finally I got a call Monday June 8, 2009 stating that my Nephew Trayvon Jeffers had been killed. That was the last straw. Trayvon was a reformed at risk teen. He was shot when he was 19yrs old and began his journey for change then. He started working for Homeboy Industries were he was a hard worker, a youth advocate, and a public speaker. The worst part about his fatality was his 6 month old twin daughters. He also had a 14yr old daughter as well. Now they have to grow up with out there father.

This is the typical story in our urban communities. I refuse to sit back and watch this growing trend. I am pleased to announce the launching of my advocacy organization Voices Against Gun Violence. The mission is to utilize the gift of music to raise money for change. Donations or proceeds from the Voices Against Gun Violence projects, concerts, or fundraisers will be given toward building "Alternative Lifestyle" Youth centers across the nation. These centers will teach, educate, counsel, and develop champions. We are targeting trouble areas reaching kids between the age of 5-18. Everything about these youth center will be built on Cristian principles. We're trying to reach kids before they become a killer or victim. People that work for my organization will know that giving Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we can give them.

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@ The Belamar

People's Facination with Louis Luggage?

The sad part is most people have a knock off. Well at least the perpetrators on the hood. Most people don't buy it because the brand is historically amazing and the craftsmanship, the buy it because biggie said it was hot, or because Kanye said he's the Louis Vuitton Don, oops I mean Martin Louis The King....I tell you what, when y'all see me with Louis Vuitton luggage sets just know that the home I store it in has an Ocean Veiw.

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If anyone has information on hosting a press conference please let me know. I am trying to put my thoughts and efforts toward a "Back 2 School" press conference. The purpose of this conference will be to educate, unite, and motivate the community to come together regarding public safety issues, gun violence, and gang prevention. I am inviting the Media, the civil community, community leaders both from the African American and Hispanic communities, people who have been victimize by gun violence, and the police department to answers critical questions regarding the lack of awareness in violent crime. More Info will follow.

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Traffic all day???????
Death of Auto-Tune Might just be the answer......
Busy day ahead. B-day party, wife's church anniversary, more family reunion at the park.
Busy day ahead. B-day party, wife's church anniversary, more family reunion at the park.

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The C. Austin Experience is a lifestyle blog that you don't want to miss out on. I'm a fan of Love and everything that revolves around it. Music is my GIFT, business is my forte, songwriting is my craft, fashion is my passion. If you're like me in any way, follow me and I'll follow you. Love2.

Pro @ Love

A title track from the long awaited, highly anticipated album "Love Machine" by yours truly. Please prepare your ears for purpose being fulfilled.

Louis Vuitton never fails!!!!

Man this bag is crazy!

Sneakers; Be Daring!!!!!


stay fresh. Colors are cool.

iRock Cleen like This prt 3

dope combo. you may be able to find a closer match. You don't actually have to match all the way.

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The Music Industry Can Kill you!!!!!!!!

Michael wrote out his Will in 2002 and a guarantee it was because of this. This very deep!!!

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The Audacity of Talent

The Audacity of Talent. The ability to execute complex choreography flawlessly, full of passion. The ability to the sing from the inner most parts of the soul. The ability to play seven instruments and conducts a philharmonic orchestra. The ability to sell beauty, the ability to paint it. The ability to capture life in a variety of special moments. Talent is everywhere. Talent has the ability to generate Millions and break world records. Talent had the nerve to inspire me to fall in love with the art of creativity all over again. Music & Fashion I love you........

ps. just rambling but enjoy your thoughts about this one.

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The Greatest performer that ever lived period. Mj is the prerequisite behind the Art of Creativity. The voice, the genuineness of production, the artistic choreography that is still duplicated by today's "Superstars", and the fashion. The humanity/philanthropy that cant be topped. The accolades and awards, the gift that was Michael Jackson. Most of all, the music. He leaves us with infectious grooves that will be passed on to the next generation of music lovers. What really blessed me was reminiscing about "We are the world", "Man in the Mirror", and "Heal the world" are all songs that speak to the now. The world needs Love and I pray through this tragedy we'll come closer together in Love. I Love you Mj