Monday, February 9, 2009

Guidence Re: Chris & Rhianna

I am plagued with disappointment this morning as I read about the Chris Brown and Rhianna domestic dispute. That subject was all everyone talked about last night at the Konlive event I attended last night. I do not understand why either of them weren’t accompanied by a team; someone responsible for them when they obviously weren't responsible for themselves. They are both kids. Money and fame does not make you an adult. We won't know the magnitude of what caused the dispute, but it would seem as though Chris and Rhianna would have used a little bit better judgment and discretion in regards to the matter.

The bigger issue here is there had to be a history of disputes for this to occur. Someone in the circle had to be aware of the issues they faced in their relationship. There was no liaison of peace in their lives. Out of all the people around them that consider them a commodity, and no was there to be the liaison of peace. Where is the guidance? Chris needs a mentor at his age, and I hope someone in the industry that he respects can reach out to him and help him change before it is too late.

When a celebrity is in trouble, it becomes costly to the team of business people involved. Once that image becomes tainted, it’s difficult to shake especially in this case. Domestic abuse at 19 is going to be a roadblock in Chris's career. A colleague at the party told me that after Chris let his manager go, he has been wild'n out big time. Another friend said he was at Center Stage, a popular rehearsal venue for the stars, racing his Lamborghini in the street.

This industry needs more guidance as a whole.